Landscape Photography

Here you have a small sample of my specialty – landscape photography!

It’s easy to see that I focus on sunrise and sunset shots.

But I also take pictures of everything else that can be considered as landscape.

I just find it fascinating to capture beautiful moments with my camera and to preserve them for eternity.

Weather Photography

That’s another story!

As soon as the weather stops being on its best behavior and “tensions” are literally rising, I spring into action. The atmosphere mesmerizes me in such a way that I can’t help but capture it with my camera.


Portrait Photography

Yes, you’ve read correctly!

I, the “landscape photographer,” am perfectly capable of taking wonderful portrait photographs.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my models!

Lifestyle Photography

As you can see here, lifestyle photography also counts among my strengths.

Architecture Photography

When photographing architecture, I always try to choose an angle that is unconventional in order to make the photo more exciting.

Animal Photography

When it comes to animal photography, it is particularly thrilling to press the button at the right moment.

If you’ve already tried to photograph animals, you know that they just won’t keep still.

But once you’ve overcome this difficulty, the result will turn out to be something extremely special.

The View from Below

I just love searching for the right “view” from a completely different angle.

This way simple shots turn into fascinating photographs.

Light Art

Let’s be honest: most people pack away their cameras when the night falls. They probably think that you can’t take beautiful pictures in the dark. But I will prove to you that they are wrong.

With a little a bit of light and the right camera settings, even you will be able to create such pictures as you can see here.