Please don’t be scared!

This is how I see myself: my eyes are like a camera.

Any moment could be “picture-perfect.”

You may be wondering how I became a photographer.

That’s easy:


I’m a born photographer if you will.

My father himself is an amateur photographer, and my entire childhood was captured on slides.

This way I came into contact with photography very early on – thanks Dad :-).

But years went by until I finally grasped that this is what I enjoy doing more than anything else.


I bought my first camera when I was 28.

When I got started, I had to find myself first and figure out where my passion really lies.

And I must admit that I’m still not done finding myself.


Sure, I can say that I’m extremely passionate about photographing landscapes, the weather and the atmosphere it creates, animals, and architecture.

But deep down I feel like I have the potential to do even more.

This realization led me on new paths, and I signed up as a photographer on a website for models.

That was a great idea as it turned out.

I discovered that I really love photographing models, as you can hopefully see here on my website.


At the age of 35, I was finally ready to create my own homepage and to share my pictures, my passion, and my ideas.


I hope that you like my homepage, and if you have come to the conclusion that I would be the right photographer for your photoshoot, just send me a message using my contact form.

I will be sure to reply.